Operations and maintenance

for the company and for third parties

Maintenance, a key area of expertise

Eco Delta O&M, a dedicated subsidiary
Following the construction firm’s regulatory two-year guarantee after the facility is brought into service, Aloe Energy is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of its facilities. To carry out this strategic, high value-added activity, Aloe Energy has a dedicated subsidiary, Eco Delta O&M, created at the end of 2012.

Led by Aloe Energy’s Chief Technical Officer, its team of specialist electricity engineers and technicians have put in place well-established technical processes for both preventative and corrective maintenance.

Planned ramp-up
Through its fully-owned subsidiary Eco Delta O&M, Aloe Energy will be managing the maintenance of over 50 MWp of facilities by the end of 2015. It performs this activity for its own facilities, as well as on behalf of third parties.