Aloe Energy-Eco Delta Foundation

Supporting projects promoting regional heritage and agriculture

Socially responsible commitments

Building on their respective socially responsible commitments, Aloe Energy and Eco Delta have joined forces to create the Aloe Energy-Eco Delta Foundation.

This Foundation’s primary goal is to carry out sustainable, social, community-interest actions in the environmental arena, while promoting access to sustainably-farmed produce for as many people as possible, ultimately focused on public health. It also encourages and supports projects making it possible to showcase and promote the regions’ heritage and culture, particularly through actions to raise awareness of nature by supporting educational operations on the importance of respecting and protecting the environment.
To achieve this, the Aloe Energy-Eco Delta Foundation puts in place all the resources needed: funding for grants, research actions, sports or cultural events, support for regional and local development projects, etc.
The Aloe Energy-Eco Delta Foundation chooses the projects to be supported with a thorough, objective approach. Before submitting your application, please ensure that your project is effectively in line with the Foundation’s goals by downloading our application pack.

Our application pack is only available in French.

Download the document